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Designed in partnership with some of the most successful publishers, PYME is a truly effective revenue management solution. Going beyond its core forecasting and optimization capabilities, the system has grown to include more data sources and contain more tools, making its users more productive in their day-to-day management of inventory.

Optimization models have evolved to meet the demands of the publishing industry, through several generations of PYMS models, and on into today’s price elasticity based models. PYMS delivers all of these optimizers together in a single product. This provides your team with the flexibility to select the best optimizer for your particular situation, with the goal of maximizing revenue on user and ad impression.

PYMS stores a tremendous amount of historical revenue, inventory, booking and third-party information providing users with a powerful, ad-hoc reporting solution.Until you have seen PYMS reporting capabilities, it is impossible to understand the power available at your user's fingertips.

PYMS is a continually evolving publisher revenue management system with ground-breaking tools not available in any other system on the market today. PYMS integrates and displays a wealth of critical information from multiple sources allowing revenue owners to take full advantage of yield opportunities in the marketplace. PYMS is a comprehensive and robust solution that is focused on helping users make better, more efficient, more informed, and, ultimately, more profitable decisions for your property. 

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